Nov 25

Shot of the Week #74

Nov 18

Shot of the Week #73

Think you could get this ring through airport security?

Nov 11

Shot of the Week #72

If you can read this thank a veteran!

Nov 04

Shot of the Week #71

Next year’s Halloween costume for sure…

Oct 30

Here’s Your Sign…

That you are awesomely creative in Halloween decor :)

Oct 28

Shot of the Week #70

So, it might be fun to go as Lady Gaga on Halloween if I could get her gun bra like this one:

Oct 14

Library Events in Marshall Minnesota – Monday Oct. 14th!

Oct 10

Aftermath of Snow-mageddon

Western South Dakota was hit with a huge, early snowstorm last weekend. We just got power yesterday.

But as inconvenient as it was for us without power, throwing out tons of food, getting out the chainsaw to cut up the trees that had fallen across the driveway, moving to a hotel for the duration, I consider us very, very lucky. My heart is breaking for the ranchers who are dealing with loss of livestock. Thousands of cattle are dead courtesy of this storm. And there won’t be any government assistance for these ranchers — guess a disaster only counts if it’s a hurricane, or tornado, or flooding, or forest fires…

Follow the link if you want to read about how destructive this snow storm has been to the people in my beloved home state – South Dakota Snow Storm Kills Thousands of Cattle

Oct 02

BLOOD TIES on sale for .99 in digital versions!

The first book in my Julie Collins series, BLOOD TIES is on sale at online vendors in digital form through October 15th for .99!! Spread the word — it’s a bargain for this Shamus nominated book!

BLOOD TIES link for kindle

BLOOD TIES link for nook

Sep 30

Shot of the Week #69

I saw this and snickered like a teenaged boy – seriously, today’s # is 69, how could I not use this?


Oral Trainer

Physical stamina is one thing, but does your tongue get tired before you do? The Oral Trainer trains your tongue making it stronger and builds endurance. And unless you’re an auctioneer who gets easily tongue tied, then they only reason you’re picking this up is illustrated on the box.


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