Sep 18

Women Behaving Badly!

Tonight is the Women Behaving Badly event in Rapid City and I’m thrilled to be part of it! So if you’re in the area, come check it out! We’re encouraging bad behavior for good causes!*


Women Behaving Badly 2013

Wednesday, September 18 | 7pm, Doors open at 6pm
John T. Vucurevich Event Center
Dahl Fine Arts Center

It’s back! Women Behaving Badly featuring authors Lorelei James-aka Lori Armstrong-and Rhiannon Frater and guest appearance from the Zombie Dollz. Cash bar & Desserts from Babycakes

Will be $13 Day of Show.

*The annual event raises money for the Dacoda Instrument Drive, rehabilitating used instruments and getting them into the eager hands of children whose families do not have the resources for instruments. Also, the event raises money for the Readiatrics Book Drive, supplying new and gently used books to area children in health, family or financial crisis. The Women Behaving Badly is officially scheduled as the kick-off for the SD Humanities sponsored Festival of the Book held bi-annually in Deadwood.

Sep 16

Shot of the Week #67

Slow mo ejection…

Sep 14

About writing…

Apt words from Kurt Sutter, writer on Sons of Anarchy:

“But for me, I’m a storyteller. I’m not a social guru, I’m not a guy with an agenda politically, socially or morally. I’m a f—ing storyteller. My job is to engage, entertain and perhaps make you think. That’s what I do on a daily basis. I’m blessed that I have a God-given gift to do so, and to bring you along for the ride. When anybody tries to take that away from me, or impede that, I get defensive. I take that to heart.”  Kurt Sutter, writer/creator Sons of Anarchy

Sep 09

Shot of the Week #66

So now we know it’s true…some cats really can sh*t rainbows :)

Sep 06

Firearm Friday

Turn your iphone into a Tactical gun sight!


Intelliscope, LLC, combined guns with smart devices to launch the Intelliscope Tactical Rifle Adapter. Along with an iOS app, the adapter allows gun owners to mount their iPhone or iPod Touch to a firearm and use it as a sight with a heads-up display showing real-time data on their surroundings.

The Intelliscope adapter provides a protective cover for an iPhone or iPod Touch that can quickly attach and release from a Picatinny (Mil-STD-1913) or Weaver tactical rail. Using an app, the iOS device acts as a gun sight, complete with 5x digital zoom and an adjustable mount that lets users peek around corners. The app also works in portrait mode, so the adapter can be affixed to the side of a firearm if needed.

inteliscope-iphone-adapter-3It’s hard to imagine an iPhone giving a clearer view than a standard scope, but the included app does offer some features to turn it into a handy heads-up display. Aside from a choice of different cross hairs, users will be able to see data on local prevailing winds, GPS coordinates, a compass, ballistics info, and a shot timer, all at a glance. The attached device can even act as a mounted flashlight or strobe, but probably the most useful feature is the ability to record and play back video of each shot.

The downside to the Intelliscope system is that it was designed to support short range targets and using calibers larger than .223 or 5.56 mm could damage your smart device. The developers have also advised potential customers to make sure hunting with electronic-enhanced devices is legal in their region. Still, it does provide a fairly cost-effective means for giving any gun a snazzy high-tech upgrade. Just make sure to detach the adapter before accepting any phone calls.

Intelliscope is currently accepting pre-orders through its website, with adapters available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch. Costs US$69.99

Sep 04

Best quote I’ve read in a long time

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

—Calvin Coolidge

Sep 02

Shot of the Week #65

Not really…but we are going to the lake for a little while…Happy Labor Day!

Aug 30

Firearm Friday

DPMS AR-10 w/Lane LLC Titanium Suppressor. Timney trigger next.

Aug 23

Firearm Friday

I’ve been a little lax in posting lately…so here’s the gun that’s currently on my coffee table:


Ruger Ultralight .22 with Lane LLC Titanium rimfire suppressor. Adding a Burris Red Dot and a Laser soon.
For those of you who don’t know firearm regulations, yes, guy guy hubby had to wait almost a year to get the permit for the suppressor.

Aug 12

Shot of the Week #64

I would CRY if this happened to my new car :(

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