Hallowed Ground

A kid in trouble is my weakness. That’s why Tony Martinez, president of the Hombres motorcycle club, hires me to track down a five-year-old Native American girl who’s become a pawn in her parents’ custody dispute.

Simple, right? Find kid, collect fat fee, and celebrate my superior PI skills with the dangerously sexy MC overlord. Except…Martinez neglected to mention a few crucial details. Like the girl’s father is the foreman on the controversial new Indian casino under construction, and the girl’s mother works at a rival Deadwood gaming hall run by an East Coast crime family.

After bullets start whizzing at me, I’m in Martinez’s face, demanding answers. Turns out plenty of people are determined to stop the casino from opening, including competitors, local ranchers, and a Lakota holy group.

As the violence escalates and the bodies pile up, everything around me begins to tumble like a house of cards. My search for a missing girl puts me on the wrong side of tribal politics and at odds with everyone—Kevin, Martinez, and even my father.

In a fight for my life after I attract the killer’s attention, I realize no place is safe…not even hallowed ground.

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“Lori Armstrong has created an outstanding tale in Hallowed Ground. Gripping from beginning to end, this is one book you want to read without interruptions.”
Safiya Tremayne, In The Library Reviews

“Hard-drinking, chain-smoking P.I. Julie Collins has a fascinating, multidimensional personality, as do all the characters in this story. Armstrong’s writing continues to be fresh and exciting in the second book of this series.”
4 ½ Stars, Romantic Times BOOKClub Reviews

“Hallowed Ground is a book that will keep you interested from page one; all the twist and turns will have you on the edge of your seat…Armstrong will definitely go on top of my list of authors to watch out for in the future.”
Tammy Adams, reviewer, novelspot.net

“…if you prefer your heroine to be a little on the dark side, especially one who likes to smoke, drink, engage in the occasional sexcapade, and knows how to kick some ass with little fear, this highly engaging and fearless PI fits the bill. Armstrong has created in Julie one of the more captivating and emotionally charged female characters to come along in awhile…plenty of suspense…with the whole package being one glorious adventure.”

“…superb thriller in which the politics of casinos are right out of Abramoff headlines.”
Harriet Klausner

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