Shallow Grave

It’s horrifying to watch someone die.

My partner and I witnessed a fatality during a routine surveillance case—a case that took a bizarre turn when we questioned the victim’s wife about the mysterious hole that had caused the accident. The widow admitted that hunters had discovered human remains and rather than alerting the authorities, she and her late husband just…reburied the bones. The out-of-sight –out-of-mind approach is never a smart option, particularly when it’s oh…illegal, and especially now that the bones in the hole have vanished.

Who was buried there? And how long ago?

Local, state and tribal authorities want answers. My overworked former boss at the Bear Butte County Sheriff’s office hires our PI agency to separate facts from speculation. I bury myself in the investigation because it leaves me little time to obsess about the screwed-up situation in my personal life—why Martinez asked me to go undercover in his strip club as a bartender…and why in the hell I agreed.

I never imagined this new case would cause total chaos in my world, creating new enemies, opening old wounds with my father, reviving disputes with my half-brother’s Lakota family, and generating dangerous employee rivalries.

But the information I uncover leads me back to my brother’s unsolved murder…and I finally come face to face with his killer.

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SHALLOW GRAVE is a Romantic Times December 2007 Issue TOP PICK! “Armstrong hits this one right out of the ballpark with complex characters, snappy dialogue and interesting plots. The author also ties up a whodunit with a surprising twist. This one’s a winner.”
Barb Anderson, Romantic Times BookClub Magazine

“This was an excellent novel with strong characters.… There is a very strong mystery here that has the reader changing her mind at least half a dozen times throughout, and offers a good many surprises along the way.”
Inez Daylong, Affaire de Coeur

“Shallow Grave shows Ms. Armstrong’s growth as an increasingly impressive and consistently interesting crime fiction author.”
Theresa, Novelspot

“Lori Armstrong writes a powerful story that will stay with you long after you finish the last page…the third book in the Julie Collins series takes on a twisting turning mystery ride that will have you gasping at the conclusion.”
Cat Cody, Romance Junkies

“While there’s a lot going on in this latest from Armstrong, she more than adeptly keeps it all together, the end result being a tightly wrapped plot full of suspense and thrills…what makes this author stand out is her lack of inhibition and political correctness when it comes to her characterizations; there are no angels here, but there is plenty of heart and soul…If you haven’t yet read this author, you should.”
Stephanie Padilla, New Mystery Reader Magazine

2007 Book of the Year – Sons of Spade Website “Lori outdoes herself in her third and latest Julie Collins novel. The action is fast and furious, there’s murder, deceit, sex and violence enough to satisfy any hardboiled mystery fan…”
Jochem Van Der Steen, Sons of Spade

“Lori Armstrong lives up to the last syllable of her surname with this superb whodunit.”
Harriet Klausner, Gotta Write Network

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