Snow Blind

The frigid winter months are mighty slow in the PI biz for Julie Collins and her partner, Kevin Wells — until the duo is hired by a young woman to investigate problems at her grandfather’s assisted living facility, where they encounter lax security, unqualified healthcare personnel and a shady senior volunteer organization.

Julie barely has time to delve deeper into the puzzling case before she reluctantly finds herself in an isolated cattle shelter on the Collins ranch with her father during a raging blizzard and no way to escape him or her bitter memories.

A missing hired ranch hand who is found dead only complicates matters further. In trying to uncover the truth about the man’s death, Julie wrestles with issues that make her question old wounds and her new family loyalties.

Kevin’s reckless involvement with their new client tests the bounds of professionalism, and Julie’s relationship with Tony Martinez is strained, as he deals with power struggles within the Hombres organization, putting them both in danger.

As the bodies and the snow pile up, Julie seems at odds with everyone, leaving her to wonder if she’s being blinded to the cold, hard truths in her life by love…or by hate.

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